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Registered Charity No. 1062953

Providing life experiences and opportunities to orphaned and abandoned children and young adults in Romania since 1991.

Over 99% of all donations received go directly to our projects in Romania to those that need it most. All admin costs, visits etc are privately funded by the UK team.

Please Donate Now!

Please Donate Now!

Please help us continue our work, thank you!

“School for Life Romania has changed these people’s lives by providing education and activities for young adults who would not otherwise have received it. They have employed Romanian special needs teachers who work alongside these young adults and support their journey towards independence.”    Robert Carlyle OBE, Patron

Romanian orphanages

Some of the first founding volunteers had worked inside the children’s neuropsychiatric hospital in Siret (often referred to as Siret Orphanage by the media) since 1991. This is where our beneficiaries grew up. In September 1994, this group of volunteers got together and agreed to found School for Life Romania.

The need was so great that since 1994 we have continued to honour our commitment made to you and the beneficiaries. We guarantee that 99% of your donations will continue to go directly to our projects in Romania in future years.

Thank you so much to everyone that has tirelessly supported us over the years, we could not have done it without you!

Our 21st Anniversary! Looking back over 21 years – 11.9.2015

spv spv2 simina outside violin dana and rodica

Romanian Orphanages


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Celebrating International Women’s Day in Romania, 8th March 2015 – click here to see more photos
Celebrating International Day of People with Disability 3rd December 2014 – click here to see more photos
Rodika and Linuta who live in our supported housing

Lenuta and Rodika who live in our supported housing

Lenuta and Rodika both grew up in the neuropsychiatric hospital for 510 children in Siret. They now live in School For Life Romania supported housing, working in town and helping out at our school

“I love my work here, teaching the lads and working around the house. I love teaching them sport and how to look after animals, and the colour games and how to draw. I am very happy to help the students from the hospital, they are just like me, there is very little difference. I feel confident about the future and what I’m doing and feel that I’ll be able to do whatever I choose to.”

“I like the girls and enjoy talking with them and helping them. If they are unable to come one day they will stay in their rooms and cry. I am teaching myself to look after myself. I have taught the students how to look after the garden and they love it… when they grow up they will have their own house and will need to look after themselves. I like everything here, I can’t lie, I like it all!”

Siret Orphanage

Art work by our students

Trips out in the community with School for Life Romania

Trips out in the community with School for Life Romania

Crafts by the students

Crafts by the students

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